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About Woven Treasures

It has been almost 30 years since Parviz Yathrebi opened Woven Treasures – a family owned and operated rug business. Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Woven Treasures imports and sells beautiful hand made rugs, unique textiles, and décor for the home.

Understanding the historical relevance of the rug industry proved particularly important to Parviz when he immigrated to the United States from Iran. In 1977, he came as an exchange student to attend the University of Pennsylvania, but two years into his studies, a revolution swept across Iran. This complicated funding for the students enrolled in the exchange program, and Parviz was forced to leave the university and support himself. At the time, Parviz found himself immersed in an unfamiliar country and culture, so he turned to what he knew best, and that was his love for rugs.

The culture of curating, purchasing, and selling rugs evokes strong feelings of nostalgia for Parviz. It transports him back to his childhood, where he can vividly recall happy memories at his grandfather’s house. His grandfather was a rug collector and whenever he brought home a new rug, there was always a positive energy that would radiate throughout the entire house. Parviz also fondly remembers watching, listening to, and learning from the young ladies who were commissioned to weave rugs at his grandfather’s house. Working with rugs over the past three decades has given Parviz a continued connection to his past.

Although many of the rugs, textiles, and other décor items found at Woven Treasures honor cultural traditions of the past, this does not mean that Parviz isn’t interested in finding the latest fashions of the present. Parviz travels to Europe at least once or twice a year in search of new items. Last summer, while in Turkey, Parviz found Arabian rugs made by Iraqi Marsh people and Suzani needlework textiles made in Uzbekistan. He also brought back a collection of patchwork rugs from Paris. Woven Treasures strives to always improve and traveling across the globe to discover items to add to our collection is essential for continued growth.

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